Drs. Brian Beale & Jay Griffin - Destination CE

We have a couple of Quick Cups of Knowledge in one today! Dr. Jay Griffin and Dr. Brian Beale talk about the exciting learning experience that is available through WVC’s Destination CE: Alaska. They tell our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, about the collaborative approach they will use to learn how to use radiograph to diagnose orthopedic cases as well as how to fix them in surgery.

The WVC Alaskan Cruise provides the opportunity for veterinarians to experience a world-class travel experience while learning practice-ready skills and diagnostic approaches. The course provides ample instructor and participant interactions in an encouraging and friendly environment. Networking opportunities are endless as you enjoy learning and experiencing the many options available to you on board the ship or while at the port.

This is a team-taught course with board-certified radiologists and a world-renown orthopedic surgeon taking you through cases from start to finish to show how imaging helps to develop a plan for orthopedic surgery. This will be a case-based approach, with practical, instantly applicable knowledge will be provided as well as opportunities for participants to interact with the instructors to get questions answered and increase your knowledge of radiographs, ultrasound, CT and MR imaging, and orthopedic repair techniques and procedures.

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